Your home is probably your largest single investment, you expect timely service.  Satisfaction is only achieved through a conscientious response to your real estate search.  Every month you are without your new home is a month you are paying interest on your current (home for sale) mortgage.  Whether your schedule is relaxed, or at the "eleventh hour", we deliver results for you.  Isn't that what you're paying for?

With the Northeast Sales Center you can expect that extra measure of service.  No more wondering what ever happened to the service you expected. 

We have integrated our Customer Service into an automated Email Notification System that will inform you of any new listings every single day that match your search requirements.  You get to see the listings, compare the appearance, the prices and the locations of any new property. We don't just scan our own listings.  Whether you're buying or selling, all listings are visible across all towns and all MLS Real Estate Offices across Massachusetts.